NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019 published. 2019-2018 academic year regular, 2017-2018, 2016-2017 and 2015-2016 academic year’s irregular students are going fill up this form. Grade development and promoted students of the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 academic year and F grade course Can able to participate.

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019

All the programs start with 06/05/2019 online on a regular basis. Those who have not sent for regular and irregular exam. According to the schedule given below. The relevant college authorities will apply the application form for the candidates with respect to form and application form. The date of submission, relevant rules and conditions are given below. After that the detailed schedule of the exam, all concerned will be informed:

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019

Collect the application form of NU Honours 1st year application form fill up notice 2019

NU Honours 1st year application form fill up notice 2019 will fill up by the candidate himself. The college authority can also fill up NU Honours 1st year application form. National University website The registration number will submit to the respective section by downloading the print copy in the respective sections.

Conditions of participation in NU Honours 1st year exam:

To See full PDF Of NU Honours 1st -year Application form fill up notice 2019 Click Here

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019
For Regular batch NU Honours 1st year Application Form

All students of the Honours course registered for the regular academic year 2018-2019 under the National University. They will be participating in the exam as per the 2013-2014 academic year syllabus. So that according to the regulation they consider NU Honours 1st year application form examine.

For irregular candidates NU Honours 1st year Application Form

Students who participated in 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 academic year. They 1st year honors exams or have not participated in the exams. So These students will get the chance to participate in the Honors 1st year exam of the year 2019. But These are the irregular examiner. Not Promoted Students will not require to pass the previous year’s passed course exam. However, for those who participated in the first year examination of the Honors in the year 2018. Only those who have received “C” or “D” grades will eligible to take the test to upgrade a higher grade. All grades of F grade courses examined.

Grade Development Candidates of NU Honours 1st year Application Form

Students who participated in the exam as a regular and irregular exam for the Grade Development Candidates. They got admission in the second year, all those students can participate in grade development exams.
Students who participated in 2013-2014, 2014-2015, 2015-2016, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 education honors first year exams. And they received second year certification, but they have F grade in one or more courses. They have obtained F grade courses in the 2019 exam or Can participate in courses.
All F grade courses must upgrade by the examination (in the registration period) to the minimum “D” grade. If upgrading the grade to a higher grade then there will be no suitable for gradual development. No results give to B + grade. Candidates participating in the 2018 Honors Examination of the C- Promoted Examination. There is no suitable development in the practical examination.

Textbooks for NU Honours 1st year exam:

Exam of all subjects will hold in accordance with the 04 (four) year honors courses. The relevant syllabus from the Regulation 2013-2014 education year.

To do the testers NU Honours 1st year Application form examine

After collecting the application form the National University website ( Then the prescribed fee will deposit to the respective divisional head and in the prescribed form. After that, The code has properly recorded in the prescribed form.
It will be signed and confirmed. When downloading the application form from the National University website ( Then the subject code mentioned in the syllabus should fill in the form(with practical). But The University will not be liable for meeting the code incorrect. If any mistake makes in the application form Then cancel the form through the college authorities and download the application form again. After that applying the application form for any other honors issue.

Then mentioned in the registration card of the candidate, his application will cancel. In this case, if there is any mistake in the registration card, then it will correct before the entrance test. Photocopy of the registration card with the application form will submit in the respective department. According to the instructions given by the respective college.

To do college for NU Honours 1st year Application form

All the candidates who can participate in the Honors 1 st Year Exam of the year 2019. Their data (probable list) preserved in the National University website ( So The forms filled in the admissions recorded on the website of the university directly online. Can not fill the form of a student who is not named in the list of potential candidates.

If there is validity for completing the form. But if there is a student who does not have names on the list of probable candidates. Then the process will fill the form with the necessary documents. Names of the possible candidates by joining the concerned ICT department. According to the application, all the candidates’ data online must be properly confirmed by the due date.

After that completion of the test, the candidates will have to take a print out of the test online. Then The print copies are the first divisional head and the principal signature. Do it After obtaining the first fresh passport size 01 (one) copies of the photograph of the applicants. The entrance papers will distribute after certified by the principal after putting the Aika glue in the prescribed places. For the first year honors exam, the University website will turn on time. However, It will close automatically after the specified time specified in the notification.

So, the data entry must complete within the specified date and time. In the case of certainty, the most precautionary measures followed. Forming a certification should ensure that the certainty is not excluding or the other replaces by one person. After the confirmation, then no campaign will be accepted.

Fee submission method NU Honours 1st year Application

All the candidates’ fees for 2019 Honors 1st year exam designed to submit by the scheduled website of the University ( This submitted by “Sannali Services” to any branch of any Sonali Bank.
Related college ( Login to web site or college e-mail address and download pay slip. In respect of the savings account number mentioned in the Pay Slip.

The amount of money will write in the amount and the print copy will deposit in any branch of the nearest Sannali Bank and the submission of the deposit in the last date. Any such objection will not accept later. For the payment of pay slip 22/05/2018 Wednesday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the link to the Sanni services will remain active. Pay Slip download before or after the scheduled time and cannot be deposited. If the money is deposit in any other form in the bank other than the Sonali service. Then the authorities will not responsible for the complications arising later.

Submit the NU Honours 1st year Application form

After that the signature of the respective candidates. Then The departmental head and principal, the original copy should submit to the respective national center of the National University. On the prescribed date and preserve its Photocopy in the college. Regional Center Address and National University Regional Center .

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019

Test management of NU Honours 1st year exam

150 / – Taka will deposit in the college for the corresponding college center fee. Which will execute by the exam fees such as travel to the university, print/photocopies. The remaining 300 / – (three hundred) will deposit before the exam by the officer-in-charge of the center (the center of the exam of the respective college candidates who will be held). By which all expenditures of the center (Examination of answer papers from the University, question papers, collection of accessories, experiments and answer papers Send, etc).

Send the inquiry number of the inquiry NU Honours 1st year Application form

During the formalization of the students, the regular 2018-2019 academic year and 2017-2017, 2016-2017, 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 academic year. These will send to the online of the required number of candidates against the paper code number and registration number of the corresponding course. So One copy sent to the sub-exam controller of the concerned branch and one copy related the departmental head should be kept in the office.

practical exams NU Honours 1st year exam

After the experimental exam date and time theological exam will be done by soon at the right time.

Result of NU Honours 1st year exam :

The results of this exam will be published in grading method

Grading System of NU Honours 1st year Application form

The answer sheet will be assessed on the basis of number. But The number obtained in a theoretical and practical exam of a candidate will be converted to Letter Grade and Grade Point. There will be the following letter grade and corresponding grade points for evaluation of results of the exam. According to the uniform grading method given by the University Grants Commission, the numerical number, letter grade and grade point will be as follows.

NU Honours 1st year Application form fill up notice 2019

Promotion of NU Honours 1st year Application form

In the Honours Exam, in the case of BA, BSS, BBA, and BSc from 1st year to 2nd year, for the presentation of all the courses, at least 03 doctrinal courses will get minimum D grade. If the student is absent from 01 courses, after that passing a grade of D grade in all the other courses, the examination will be done in the next year.
Get it. Must be examined in the absence of the next year’s examiner. All information related to the examination will be published on the National University website ( Any information or via the letter or any other do not rinse.

In conclusion, we will say one thing, always stay with us. Any kind of information please inform us. nu-honours-1st-year-application-form-fill-up-notice-2019We will try to give your answer Insaallah.

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