NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019।(

NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019 published on 7 April. Now, who will take the NU Degree 1st year exam, the students of the Degree 2018-2019 education year. A few days ago the NU Degree first year exam routine 2019 published but due to inevitable reasons, some changes have been brought here. All the examinations, which was 4th May and 5th May postponed due to Cyclone Foni. This date will inform later.

Today we are discussing the NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019. Running Degree NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019 All the latest updates you can collect from us if you wish. NU authorities changed their 
NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019.

 1st year exam routine 2019

Degree First Year exam Routine 2019 PDF

This post is written with changed NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019. Students who want to download Degree Test Routine 2019 they can use our website. If you are a candidate, you will be able to collect your first year Routine 2019 from our site. PDF of NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019 given below. We gave our website the PDF of the first year degree routine 2019 PDF. You can see it as an image if you want. And you can also download it as FULL PDF.

NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019
Download the Admission Card for the NU Degree 1st year exam

You can download your admit card at from the National University website. If for some reason the admit card lost, then you can get it back from here. If you want you can print 2 copies of the security purpose. In Exam Hall must bring the Admit Card, if you do not bring it, then you will not be able to participate in the exam. So, all the students will have to test the Admit Card with them.

Degree First Year Examination 2019 overview

Authorities of Bangladesh National University manage to do everything about the examinations. If they want, they can change the day of the exam. During the first year of the examination,
From 20th April to 3rd April, the test starts from 2 pm. But the next exams from the 6th day will start at 9 am.

• Start the test: 20/04/2019
• End of the examination: 23/05/2019 (it will change)
The date of the test of 4th May and 5th May will publish later.
• The test start time: 2:00 pm (daily) up to 4th May, but from 6th May to 9 am.
• Duration of the test: 3.5 hours (according to routine)

NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019

Degree tests for students of Bangladesh National University are very important. This is the first national level test of a degree student. The results bear a lot for him. Because this result will add to its final result. If a student wants to improve his results then he must do good results in the course of the 1st year.

So now you can get your degree NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019. As the routine has already published, the dates of today’s exams have only changed from the date of 4th May and 5th May. The process of completing the form ended a few days before. If for any reason you want to download your routine, you can do it here. You can find your Degree 1 Year Result 2019 and according to our website’s rules.

Some important information about the Degree First Year exam 2019

1. College of National University Can download their candidate admit card by using a password from the website Then print it and distribute it among the candidate. Prior to the distribution, the college principal signature will place on the photo and at the appointed place of the principal, by gam a photograph of the candidate in the place of the entrance examination.
 2. Candidates will participate in the examination according to the subject code mentioned in the entrance.

NU Degree 1st year exam routine 2019
3. From the website (, the statement candidate can download, and 1 copy with 2 copies printed out. In the concerned college, 1 copy center fees will deposite between Taka 450 and Tk 300 /- in the case of the officer-in-charge of the center 03 days before the examination. Remaining The cost of the examination of the college will be to the tune of 150 taka.
4. All information and instructions on the test can find at the NU website and The request for visiting the mentioned web site at least 3 times (morning, noon, night) daily during the exam for important information related to the examination.

In conclusion

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