Degree third year exam result 2019।।(

National University will be published Degree third year exam result 2019 very soon. Interested candidates can search for results in the National University website (

Important date and time for the third year results in the degree

Degree third-year examination begins in November 2018. The exams continue till about January 2019. After 4 months of general examination, the result is published in the third year of the degree. Therefore, according to the continuation of the previous year, Degree third year exam result 2019 will be published in May 2019. However, the authority of the National University can change this date and time. When the university authorities announce the date of the third-year results, we will immediately update it to InshaAllah.

Degree third-year exam results in 2019

Degree third year results download procedure:

You can easily get the Degree third year exam result 2019 in three ways.

1 online system.

2.Mobile SMS and

3.Mobile Apps

Both of these results are quick and easy to get results. Follow the steps below to get your results easier and faster.

Degree third year examination results in 2019 through online

For students who have electronic device computers or mobile phones, Using this device easily and quickly, the student can get the desired results. How to view your results online using electronic devices.

  • First Connect to the Internet
  • Than Open an internet browser
  • After that Click the link on the National University’s official website
  • Select the degree option
  • Then Check out the degree third-year results

Now follow the next steps

  • Your roll number,
  • Registration number and
  • Pass Year Input
  • Fill the capture
  • Chose the submit button

By following the steps you will get your results very easily.

You can follow the instructions below if you read the problem if you get your results. We have provided an image for your convenience. This image will be very helpful for you to get third-year results by online system InshaAllah

Degree third-year exam results in 2019 (3)
  • After visiting the site you find this type of page.
  • Here you select on “Degree” from the left side
  • Then click the “Third Year” button
  • After clicking this button you have to put your “Registration No”
  • Then give your “Roll No”
  • Put your “Passing Year”
  • After that the “Captcha Code”
  • Finally, press the “Search Result” button

Degree third year exam result 2019 through mobile SMS:

Nowadays every student has a mobile everyone can find results by mobile. SMS is even easier. Follow the steps below to get third-year results.

Follow the following format to get third-year results for mobile SMS:

NU <space> DIG <Space> Degree Examination Registration Number and send SMS to 16222.

For Example:

Send an SMS to NU DEG 2452527 and send SMS to 16222

Degree third year exam results in 2019 through mobile apps

You can download the results of the Degree third year exam result 2019  by Android apps. Recently many apps have been created which publish results of degrees. So if you want to download your results in the simplest way then you follow the steps below.

  • Firstly You can install Android Play Form on Google Play Store.
  • Then Search for the degree results by 3rd year.
  • Find some degree of degree results.
  • Give anyone downloads
  • After that Install and open.
  • Then Provide the necessary information including your test name roll here.
  • Finally, submit.
  • After some time you will get your results.
Degree third year exam result 2019 by infographics

Infographic Degree Keeps lots of information about Degree third year exam result 2019. You can follow infographics to get your results in fast and easy ways. There is a lot of information about the outcome of how your results in infographics. Or easy and fast ways to get results online.

Some useful information about the Degree third-year exam result 2019

All the ways to get results are effective. It will work only after publishing results. National University taxpayers have the power to change dates on the date of publication of results. You will know when the results will be revealed only when you are aware. On the day of the publication of the results, since everyone will want to see results at the same time. So you have to face problems every way. You can send SMS as an alternative to online server jam. Many times SMS results are too late for the results. In that case, you can take mobile compromises as an option. However, after 20 days of publication of results, you will get very quick results.

Degree third-year exam results in 2019 (2)
Some information about  National University

This is a parent university of Bangladesh. Through the approved organizations and professional organizations throughout the country, this university provides postgraduate and postgraduate education to students. It was established by the law of parliament as an approved university for the country. NU is the third largest university in the world. Its headquarters is situated in Gazipur, Dhaka.

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