Admission in nursing is a noble topic. Congratulations to the nurses at this profession. Those who have received a nursing chance, ask questions about what they need for the admission process. Answers to the internet are not usually answered. For this, you are asking your questions on different pages of Facebook. But no correct answer is coming so that you have all the questions. So today we have posted our post with answers to some questions that you are looking for in mind. So let’s take a look at the questions and answers.


Q: My name comes in the Merit list on nursing, how will I know the start and end date of admission in nursing?

Answer: In the merit list, the recipients will be able to know the beginning and end date of admission from their receiving results.

Q: What is the thing that needs for admission in nursing?

1. Original certificate of SSC and HSC.
2. Basic Academic Transcript (Mark sheet)
3. 6 copied photo (passport size)
4. Admission test entrance
5. Basic Citizen Certificates
6. Attested copy of each certificate and four(4) copies of the academic transcript (mark sheet).

Q: Do you need any more papers in the admission process?

Answer: Yes.
1. Citizen Charter
2. Attested copies of four(4) copies of the Birth Certificate.
3. Along with the guardian’s two(2) copies of the passport size photograph. Because no company can sit.


Q: how much money can take admission process?

Answer: Normally admission within 15 to 16 thousand Taka becomes complete. Some institutions take full course fees during admission. But some organizations make things easier. They take course fees for a specific time period.

Q: How to get health checks for admission in nursing?

Answer: The health check will be done on the day that it comes for admission. Since it takes some time to get a health check, you can get enough time beforehand.
Tests that are done –
 1. X-ray Chest P / A view
2. HBs (Ag)
3. Hb%
4. Blood grouping
5. Urine R / M / E

Q: Those who passed HSC in 2019, do not have HSC certificates for them, what will they do?

Answer: You can collect temporary certificates from your respective board. You can continue your work with a temporary certificate.

Q: Can those who are waiting at the list be able to fill up?

Answer: Even after the admission is complete, the seats remain vacant. In that case, the nursing firm will call back those who are waiting list.

In conclusion, we can say this post is helpful for you. Any kind of question you can ask us. Inshaallah we will give you the right answer.

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